Pipeline Managment &


Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Services

As oil & gas production continues to develop and grow, the infrastructure for pipeline transmission grows along with it. At Stellar, we are well-versed in the design, construction, and maintenance of petroleum and natural gas transmission projects.

Stellar has played a vital role in the expansion of the transmission infrastructure in the North Dakota region. Our efforts have focused on delivering quality results and helping customers meet their objectives. Our expertise in this arena is evident and is recognized in the region for being the best.

  • Pipeline Management

    Services typically requested are:

    • Installation
    • Replacement
    • Maintenance
  • Roustabout

  • Steel & HDPE welding

  • Hot Tapping & Bypassing

  • Directional Drilling

  • Boring

  • Emergency Digs & Repairs

  • Design & Engineering Assistance

Pipeline Construction / Management Request

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